Welcome to Hassan LP gas Distributers

To your door step and our certified trained guy will connect and disconnect for u carefully .we know most accidents happen during that time the customers safety is our main concern.

our customers is our valuable assets, our aim to facilitate our customers. Get our services, if you need gas for house hold purpose/ restaurants or on large scale.

Free Home delivery

We deliver gas to your door step with out delivery charges. Our delivery services in overall Gauteng.

product & services

Exchange or refill gas cylinders(9,19 & 48kg). We also do bulk deliveries.

Handsome price

We always try to provide gas in low price. We claim that our price is low in overall market of our service area(Gauteng).


Our customer is our valuable assets. Our main focus to facilitate our customer. we provide services 24/7 throughout the year.

Fast Home Delivery

We deliver gas in minimum one hour.

100% weight guaranteed

We provide gas cylinders fully weighted. Guy can verified it by putting on scale just in a minute.

Gas consumer be carefull, when use gas.

How to use gas at home?

One of the very first safety tips for using a gas cylinder at home is to never connect or disconnect it near a naked flame Make sure your gas connection is properly intact and there are no leaks. Check for the condition of your LPG gas cylinder once again before you begin using it. A gas leak may give off a musty smell like rotten eggs, so be very careful and take necessary actions( e.g cheek value of cylinders) immediately if you smell anything like it. Timely detection of gas leaks is among the most important safety tips to use a gas cylinder.

Where and how to store LPG cylinders?

Select a well-ventilated spot in your home for storing the cylinder when not in use. keep it at a place away from all types of heat sources and electric sockets. Keep the gas cylinder away from direct sunlight.

How To Transport Gas cylinders Safely?

When transporting the gas cylinder for supply or repair, make sure all of its valves are properly closed and it is kept in an upright position. Keep the cylinder upright. Never allow anyone to smoke in, or near to, any vehicle that is being used to transport gas bottles

How to Order gas


Step: 01

Search Hassan LP Gas Distributers in any of our online availability. or just search this in google or any search engine


Step: 02

When you place order you have to wait for some time. The delivery guy will be reached to your location in minimum one hour.


Step: 03

When you recived your order, pay cash and rate us our services according to your expirence, that how is our services.